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We’re famous for our friendly, personal help
with every area of your insurance matters.

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The Best Partner
For The Best Solution

With over 20 years of experience we’ll ensure
you always get the best guidance.

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One Stop Solution
For The Best Coverage

We bring decades of proven expertise in ensuring
the best solution for any risk management affair

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We Do Not Sell Insurance
We Provide Solution

Offering best solution for any kind of risk issue
is our ultimate goal, not pushing selling.

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Supreme Quality
With Local Understanding

We strive to international standard of quality,
while keeping our feet remain on the ground.

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Free Of Charge To Client

We don’t make money from your pocket,
we are paid by Insurance company for our expertise
in helping their job more effective.

Why Agra

Insurance Broker vs Insurance Agent

Insurance agents are insurance professionals that serve as an intermediary between the insurance company and the insured. As a broad statement of law, an insurance agent’s liability to their customers is purely administrative in nature. That is, agents are only responsible for the timely and accurate processing of forms, premiums and paperwork.

Agents have no duty to conduct a thorough examination of an individual’s business or to make sure that appropriate health insurance coverage has been provided to the concerned individual. Rather, it is the customer’s obligation to make sure that he/she has purchased the required/desired insurance coverage.

An agent  sells insurance for one company only. A direct writer also sells insurance for one company only.  This means you cannot choose insurance from several companies and there is no independence. These are salespeople employed by an insurance company.

Insurance brokers can be best described as a kind of super-independent agent. Brokers can offer a whole host of insurance products and services for an individual or a prospective policyholder to consider. Brokers are required to have a broker’s license issued by OJK (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan – Finance Service Authority)  which typically means that the broker will have additional technical and professional expertise as compared to an insurance agent.

Insurance brokers also have a higher duty towards their clients. These brokers have the duty to analyze a business, interpret the data from various databases and secure correct and adequate coverage for the insurance business. This is a higher duty than the pure administrative duty of the insurance agent.

We are independent, and although we represent several insurance companies, we work for you, our customer.  We are independent. We are able to “shop” many companies for the best policies and prices for you. You have choices when it comes to buying insurance.

As insurance brokers, we are objective. We are not employed by any insurance companies. A broker’s only allegiance is to get the best insurance for the customer. Insurance brokers have in-depth knowledge of insurance, provide personal service and are licensed  by OJK (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan – Finance Service Authority) . We are members of the APPARINDO (The Association of Indonesian Insurance & Reinsurance Broker) which represents a network of independent and professional brokers.

The key benefit of using insurance broker   is that you can quickly survey a broader array of insurance products from multiple insurance companies who are competing for your business.

And if you still find yourself confused about the difference between an insurance broker and an insurance agent, here’s all you need to keep in mind: A “captive” insurance agent represents just one carrier. While both “independent” agents and insurance brokers represent multiple carriers. For simplicity’s sake, just think of brokers as being “super” independent agents.

Our Role

Our main role is to provide value added to client through :

Financial Value Added

Increase managing risk cost efficiency.

Benefits Value Added

Increase benefits dan coverage without additional cost.

Administration Value Added

Provide administration support, complete and comprehensive information and  insurance anlysis for management needs.

Claim Value Added

Provide claim administration support, including technical support and negotiation support with insurance provider should there is any caim disputes

Our Supremacy


AGRA is expert on designing  unique and suitable protection product that suit to client’s  need and financial condition.


AGRA experienced in serving national   (state own companies and private corporation) and  international (joint venture , MNC) big companies.

Taking Side

AGRA stand in the client’s side and represent client’s interest.

Free of charge to client

We don’t make money from your pocket,  we are paid by Insurance company for our expertise in helping their job more effective.





  1. Utmost good faith principles
  2. Insurable interest principles
  3. Indemnity principles


  1. In carrying out their duties, Consultant / Insurance Brokers cling to:
    • The principle of good faith (utmost good faith)
    • Integrity
    • Reputation and professionalism
  2. Do the best to comply with client’s requests and put priority on client’s interest and should not make misleading and exaggerated statements.
  3. Consultant / Insurance Broker must understand in carrying out its duties in accordance with the provisions of applicable legislation.
  4. In performing the duties, the Insurance Consultant / Broker will act for and on behalf of the client and design a solution scheme appropriate to the client’s needs. The design may consist of an insurance program, risk management and other related matters.
  5. Fee or fees for consultant services / brokers are not charged to the client but to the winning insurance company with no mark up on the premium charged.


  1. Relationship with Clients:
    • In performing their duties are obliged to:
      • Always apply mutual trust and integrity and act honestly and hold the principles of prudence.
      • Ensure the Client knows and understands the relationship with the insurance broker and for whom the insurance broker acts
      • Use its expertise objectively in recommending insurance companies as Insurers for the benefit of their Clients and not dependent solely on one Insurer, without limiting the Client’s right to choose the Insurance Company as the Insurer.
    • Keeps the confidentiality of all information received and avoids conflicts of interest.
    • Act objectively and stand on the side of the Client in explaining the interests of the Client.
  2. Sales Practices
    • Notify the Client of presence as a registered Insurance Consultant / broker
    • Ensure the Client understands the type of services offered
    • Ensuring the closure of insurance offered in accordance with the wishes of the Client and Client know the insurance risk products
    • Describe the types of insurance policies offered and provide comparisons on the amount of premiums, extent of warranties, etc.
  3. Information Delivery Practices
    • Inform the Client of the consequences that may arise if any information is not communicated or improperly submitted
    • Assist the Client in the event of filling out insurance closing forms, claims or other documents and ensuring the Client
    • makes the correct statement and knows for sure that false information may result in the rejection of an indemnity.
    • Explain the importance of notifying when a change occurs over an insured object
    • All information and communication is done in writing
  4. Explanation of Insurance Contract
    • Identify the Insurers if the Insurer is more than one and notify any changes that occur
    • Explain in detail about the insurance policy purchased including notifying in case of any change in the policy before the changes take effect
    • All information and communication is done in writing
    • Ensure the Client knows when the insurance policy is terminated and must notify the Client of the extension condition
    • In the event of a Claim, the Client shall be required to
      • Report promptly and truthfully and disclose in detail the material facts
      • The Insurance Consultant / Broker will forward the information and documents from the Client to the Insurance
      • Company as soon as possible and notify the Client if there is any information or other doc